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shout right>> With Broken Hill as your base, the NEW Watershed Loop connects the Darling River to the Corner Country.

>> Discover the beauty & history of the Barmah-Millewa Forest and Murray River along the Timber Cutters Run.

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Murray-Darling Basin | Cameron Corner

With close to twenty years pursuing my passion for photography and the shared-experience of travel/touring around the Murray-Darling Basin of Australia, I feel the time is right to combine the two and enable like-minded people to join me in some inspiring photographic touring routes across southeast Australia.

From the dusty red plains of Cameron Corner across the Darling River catchment, part of the Murray-Darling Basin, and through the upper Murray River to the Australian Alpine Area, Photouringtm provides aspirational touring guides based on my experiences of these unique regions of Australia.

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Through over a decade of photography and content creation across the Murray-Darling (and beyond), my passion has taught me touring should never be limited by a conceptual tourism boundary nor commercial sensitivities.

My latest touring route, the Watershed Loop, links the Darling River catchment to the Lake Frome catchment (part of the Lake Eyre Basin) and experiencing two of our most iconic water catchment regions.

Photouringtm touring routes focus on the physical landscape while the mode of transport is less crucial. Whether your preference is two-wheels, four-wheels, 4WD, RV, SUV, or Yak... it is not what is most important to Photouringtm or our partners. What is important is that you get out and experience this incredible region of Australia!

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I hope you enjoy these experiences!

"Don't look at what is, ask 'why', look at what isn't, and ask 'why not'."

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